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A magnetic level indicator is frequently employed in situations where a sight glass is either ill-suited or inefficient due to plant constraints. These Kevitits Level Gauges Suppliers in Qatar might include increased worker safety, ecologically hazardous conditions such as media leaking or exhaust fumes, the necessity for maintenance minimization, or the demand for good visibility from a remote. High pressures kevitits.com severe temperatures, failing guards, and poisonous or corrosive compounds may all contribute to the likelihood of dangerous substance escape release.

The glass in a viewing glass can become discoloured fast, reducing level vision, or it might develop fractures, which can pose a human safety risk if not identified. In a viewing glass, solvent interfaces can be challenging to read, especially if the streams are of comparable hue. Clear liquids might be difficult to see via a sight glass as well.

Liquids that coat or accumulate on materials can reduce vision by generating an invisible film on the windshield. Sight glass components must often be scattered utilising numerous portions to cover a vast measurement span.

Temperature transmitter in Qatar
Temperature transmitter in Qatar

The following are the primary reasons for choosing a Kevitits magnetic level indicator over a sight glass:

  • Increased safety as a result of the lack of fragile glass and a significantly decreased number of potential leak locations.
  • Significantly enhanced visibility.
  • Kevitits Maintenance has been reduced.
  • Simpler initial setup and insertion of transmitters and switches without disrupting the operation.
  • Dual-technology redundancies with communicators or switches for greater security.
  • Lower long-term ownership costs and genuine return on investment advantages
  • Without staggered chambers, a lower chamber measuring of more than 20 feet is possible.

The apparent safety advantage of the Kevitits over a sight glass is that it is less likely to break. The chance of sight glass shattering increases when the process fluid is subjected to severe pressure or temperature. A Kevitits pressure boundary is built of strong metal, often the same as the vessel pipe, making Kevitits Level Transmitter Suppliers in Qatar as safety as the surrounding piping system. Because the indicators, communicators, and switches are all outside mounted kevitits.com, they are unaffected by poisoning, poor stability , or other working fluid properties.

Another advantage of an MLI is that the chemical interaction with the fluid is limited to only three aspects: the copper container, gaskets, and float. The continuous phase may have mechanical compatibility concerns with glass sight instruments.


Kevitits require almost no servicing once implemented since the indicator never comes into contact with the process fluid. The gauges on sight glasses must be examined for leaks and cleansed on a constant schedule. The process fluid can produce scaling, scratching, and deposition on the window, rendering the sight glass illegible.


Another important advantage for choosing an Kevitits over a sight glass gauge is the ability to see the fluid level from a great distance. Sight gauge level indicators are designed to be observed from a max speed of about 10 feet (3 meters). The strong contrasting colours of the flags or a fluorescent shuttle on an Kevitits, on the other hand, provide for visual level signalling at distances ranging from to 100 feet.

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